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Why Leadership in Motion

As a business leader your priority is to achieve profitable growth for your organisation and stakeholders.

Realising this priority requires an aligned, engaged, and capable organisation which brings its own challenges, the greatest being - If you don't do it right, you risk: 
  • Hiring the wrong leaders 
  • Firing the wrong leaders
  • Alienating the wrong leaders
all outcomes which ultimately slow and shrink growth and profitability.

Leadership in Motion understands these challenges; we've been in the business of organisational performance a long time. Our commitments when partnering with you and your team are to be a  - 
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You want expertise, reliability and no surprises, and we work very hard at ensuring that our years of experience in developing leaders and helping organisations and their people flourish supported by our values create an experience that delivers this for you.
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Your time is valuable and you need every interactions with us to help you and your organisation move forward in a positive direction. We are continuously developing our skills, knowledge, products and services to help ensure that your interactions with us are value-adding
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You are in business to achieve results and expect your performance partners to help you in this regard.  Our methodologies, underpinned by adult learning and behavioural sciences have been designed to help you achieve your desired goals
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Achieving profitable growth requires change: from you, your leadership team and your people. We are change-enablers, we understand what is required for change to occur, and have the skills, tools and experience to facilitate the change required. 

About Leadership in Motion

Winning The Game in this continuously shifting global business terrain demands more than ever from today's organisations

With disruptive technologies and emerging markets threatening to bring superior products and services to market faster, at lower costs it takes all for leaders to stay relevant. Unfortunately, because fiscal performance is the priority; and because organisations are political structures , naturally providing a platform for the expression of individual interests and motives, leaders revert to practices and behaviours which inadvertently cause them and their business to flounder and lose at The Game

Try as they might, Leaders are not equipped to deal with this constant barrage of demands and changes 

In order to flourish leaders need to grow. They need allies to help them see the faults and gaps, they need partners skilled in human behaviour and adult learning to facilitate their growth; they need change agents to guide them as they navigate the mounting pressures of the new business world 

That's why Leadership in Motion was formed: To partner with and help organisations flourish by developing their people into strong, confident leaders: Leaders who recognise their purpose and authority; and who have the tools and means to equip, enable and empower others to realise their full potential

Our Approach

Whether our initial collaboration raises the need for a Training, Coaching, or Organisational Alignment solution, our approach is anchored on a firm foundation of three key principles

1)Person-Centred - You are the expert in your business, we are the experts at helping you identify where your business is going right and going wrong. We are highly skilled coaches and facilitators who work from the belief that you 'the person', being at the centre of your situation have the answers BUT don't know how to or currently don't have the skills to make the adjustments required.

2) Adult Learning -  We all prefer to take on information in different ways. We also all operate from different beliefs when evaluating information provided to us. As learning and behavioural change specialists we understand this and design all our Training, Coaching, Facilitation and Organisational Alignment solutions around sound Adult Learning Principles

3) Learning Organisation - You are not the sum of your organisation.To truly flourish you need the whole organisation - starting with you - to be on the journey. To collectively take the decision to put in place the structures and accountability's which ensure all are operating as one. All our solutions are geared around ensuring that true organisational learning takes place allowing you to focus on your true skills


Our Expertise

We are change agents. We are curious about what drives organisational behaviour and performance, and are always seeking better ways to help organisations flourish. Our skills, derived from our authentic interest in people and business, lie in the ability to facilitate quality, transformational interactions with individuals or groups in an empathetic, non-judgemental way.


"Stephan is a fantastic trainer who demonstrates exceptional expertise in adult learning theory. His strengths lie in his positive mentality which helps to create an open and trusting learning environment. For an individual or business who need a core learning structure in place, which is innovative yet follows key concepts of learning theory, I couldn’t recommend Stephan more! "

Talent & Training Associate

“Stephan is a rare kind of person, and it is hard to describe him adequately, but I will try! Stephan is an excellent management trainer and coach. He is highly observant, tuned in and perceptive to his clients' style, strengths and areas for improvement. He does not provide unsolicited feedback, but draws out and helps you to work through areas of concern and ideas for making changes. This is all done safely, respectfully, very patiently and professionally. He is incredibly enthusiastic, genuinely caring, and an excellent listener. The coaching sessions can be great fun, even whilst being challenging. Stephan has made a huge difference to me, and helped me to believe in my potential, and my ability to improve the way I approach my work and my life."

Project Lead

“Stephan is highly motivated and well-presented. His positive outlook and enthusiasm oozes from his physiology. This outlook with a excellent knowledge of coaching and improving peoples performance makes him ultimately an asset to any business.

He is one of the best coaches I have come across in my time within business and it reflects on my strategy and action planning. Within a coaching session he will create an environment that is thought provoking and easy to do business with. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend Stephan with his knowledge, emotional intelligence, quick analytical thinking and inspirational behaviours”

Transformational Leadership Coach

November 2017

The Authentic Leader

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